Global climate market


According to the latest research study the global sales volume of air conditioners will achieve 144 million by 2017. Experts have estimated there will be 18% increase of annual growth for the period up to 2015.

The growth of air conditioning industry will have the ever increasing demand for energy efficient heating, air conditioning and ventilations systems as well as the control systems.

An additional driving force stimulating the market in the next few years will be a growing segment of replacement, especially in the developed countries of Europe and the United States.

The increased focus on energy savings, demand for replacement of old air conditioning systems with new energy-efficient models will steadily increase, thus providing significant expansion of the market.

The Asia-Pacific region continues to be the largest market, whose growth is stimulated by factors such as an increase in the urban population, favorable labor markets and the resulting high overall levels of income and increasing income per family.

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