Need Periodic cleaning of HVAC systems



Physical discomfort, irritation or dryness of the eyes, nose and throat, cough, nausea and respiratory and mental fatigue, memory disturbances, drowsiness, apathy, dizziness or stress problems are some of the health problems caused when people remain much time inside modern office buildings, due to contamination factors that may be specific to the same premises, stuffy or poorly functioning facilities air conditioning.

These factors may come from the characteristics of human activity, primarily as odors and smoke snuff, which causes discomfort, irritation and discomfort, as well as contaminants that may have the same outside air for ventilation.

Moreover, it seems that many new materials currently used in construction and furniture and decor, produce fumes that are slowly joining the indoor air, as in the case of paints, dyes, paints, adhesives, etc.

These air conditioners because of its enclosed spaces such as coils, condensate tanks, pipes Desagotes, etc., deprived of light at a stable temperature, moisture and dirt as nutrients can cause a process of putrefaction that becomes a broth ideal for the growth and proliferation of plant or animal organisms, consisting in pathogenic bacteria, fungi, yeast or virus culture.

Given this background, the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1982 has established that buildings with a percentage of more than 20% of people experiencing acute effects on health and wellbeing due to pollution levels, make a condition called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

It has been determined that dust is the main transporting agent of allergic substances, composed of a variety of organic and inorganic components, including fibers, mold spores, pollen grains, mold, insects and mites, produce symptoms ranging from mild irritation severe breathing problems that can arise even in chronic diseases.

Surge of all the above, the need Necessary for all building that has air conditioning installations involving air treatment, which by construction, extension tubes, activities that they develop and how many people occupy, to establish rules requiring periodic cleaning ducts, plus air conditioning.

As for the tasks could be considered Cleaning General Specifications for Commercial Air Conditioning Systems established by the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) Standards.

Heart Pumping Workout : HVAC Compressor Maintenance?


Compressor is the main heart beat of machine. While comparing compressor with human heart its beginning same one. Most similar one in both is circulating system like how heart circulates all functions in body. Likewise the compressor will handle the all functions in machine. If the compressor fails it will affect the whole machine to avoid this we should maintain properly.

It was found that most of the problems with the compressor is not related to the quality of the product, and is the result of lack of understanding of the principles of operation of air conditioning systems, improper maintenance and repair.

How to maintain the compressor  

  1. check the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant at the inlet and outlet of the compressor;
  2. Check the temperature of inlet and outlet of the compressor and condenser tubes. High pressure pipes should be hot and dry;
  3. Verifying that the condenser and the radiator fan. The appearance of moisture or frost on the part of the high pressure can hinder the flow of refrigerant;
  4. Check the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the dryer. If the temperature difference is greater than 3 ° C, then the system is too high moisture content;
  5. Check the refrigerant for Icing elements of the air conditioning system which can cause  blockage on the system;
  6. check tension and condition of the compressor belt;
  7. Check for extraneous noise in the compressor, expansion valve, fan and air-conditioning system channels.

CO 2: The criterion of efficiency of ventilation systems



The impact of indoor air quality of buildings on the health of people given special attention as environmentalists, doctors, diagnosticians, and engineers, designers of ventilation and air-conditioning. The quality of the air depends on the physical condition of the person: the poor air quality people feel unwell, loss of concentration, the development of diseases, and so on. D

By hazard, subject to the assimilation of ventilation systems, gaseous pollutants are emitted in the process of breathing and through the skin surface (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acetone, and so on. N.), as well as chemical volatile compounds emitted from furniture and decoration materials in the room. In the course of human breathing in normal conditions are subject to change in the concentration in the main two components of air: oxygen and carbon dioxide.

During the metabolic processes in the human body the concentration of oxygen in the exhaled air drops from 20.9 to 16.3%, and carbon dioxide, on the contrary, increases from 0.03 to 4% [4]. Attention is drawn to the fact that the concentration of carbon dioxide increases by more than 100 times.

Specialists have found that the degree of concentration of gas pollutants emitted person closely correlated with the concentration of the carbon dioxide emitted during breathing humans . In this connection, the concentration of carbon dioxide has been accepted as an indicator of air quality . Other harmful gas emissions in residential and public buildings (phenol formaldehyde, acetone, ammonia and other components allocated furniture, decoration materials) lead to carbon dioxide equivalent .

Pollutants from furniture and decoration materials (mainly formaldehyde and anilines) in relation to the hazard produced by people are largely assimilated and multidirectional airflow calculated from the concentration of CO 2. As a rule, in the absence of people in the room background ventilation rate of 0.1-0.2 h -1 is sufficient for assimilation hazards of furniture and decorative materials.

Indoor air quality, depending on the concentration of carbon dioxide:

  • 1st class (optimum microclimate, high quality) – the concentration of carbon dioxide is not more than 400 cm 3 / m 3 ;
  • Grade 2 (optimum microclimate, average quality) – the concentration of carbon dioxide from 401 to 600 cm 3 / m 3 ;
  • 3rd class (permissible microclimate allowable quality) – the concentration of carbon dioxide from 601 to 1000 cm 3 / m 3 ;
  • 4th Grade – unacceptable high concentrations of carbon dioxide, poor air quality – more than 1 000 cm 3 / m 3.

The advantage of this approach to the definition of air quality and ventilation required in relation to the traditional (for specific air flow rate or ventilation rate) is as follows:


  • it is possible to take into account when determining the degree of ventilation of outdoor air pollution;
  • an incentive to increase the effectiveness of ventilation: supply of fresh air in the breathing zone, to avoid crossing the air-giving stream of dirty areas in the room;
  • can be accounted for the presence of fresh air in the room before filling in human beings;
  • can be well defined background ventilation to remove hazards from furniture and decoration materials after hours;
  • Improve the adequacy and accuracy of monitoring air quality at the expense of direct measurements of carbon dioxide concentration in the occupied zone premises.

The Advanced Pre cooling Commercial Rooftop HVAC system


The Most Advance HVAC Rooftop system Designed by EVAPORCOOL, which has no movie parts and providing the best energy savings while comparing the Commercial roof tops units used for air cooling.

The systems includes high performing real time monitoring basis: temperature, energy usage, energy savings and failures. Monitoring and remote control is done through a 3G/4G internet network

  1. Requires Kilo Watts to operate the Equipment is reduced
  2. Filter Prevents Dusts reaching the condenser coil.
  3. Run at lowest condensing temperature, it will increase efficiency
  4. Smart Spray controller enables a minimal amount of water
  5. The system leaves no standing water or runoff water.

Why HVAC systems need Serious Plan before Installed



When staring a commercial/industrial business there is a need to design and install a heating, air condition and ventilation systems that cleans the bad air and replacing it with a good one.

When time is spent preplanning a project, you gain the ability to foresee potential problems and handle them prior to the “crisis point” of a looming deadline. Project Preplanning can and should be done on any type of project, but a Design Assist project uniquely lends itself to this process.

Modern high-tech production facilities impose strict requirements for maintenance of precise accurate parameters. The determination of the capacity of cooling systems must have accurate parameters.

In addition unplanned work will led to malfunctions that may cause restoration of HVAC systems, this may rise cost significantly.

At Air Track Inc. We Design of ventilation systems at affordable prices for Industrial and commercial Buildings in Mississauga.

Tips for Long Life Operation of Air Conditioners



To summarize. For what would your air conditioner worked their full term it, on average, from 7 to 12 years depending on the class of the air conditioner, you need not so much:

  1. Clean filters internal unit at least once a month;
  2. If the air conditioner stopped at normal  function, it need to turn off air conditioning and seek for service;
  3. At least once every two years preferably once a year, in spring – just before the season to call service representative for maintenance work:
  4. check the system pressure and refilling Freon, complete check air conditioning in all modes to detect hidden faults
  5.  Cleaning indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit is purged with a stream of compressed air by the compressor for cleaning of lint and dust;
  6. Do not include air conditioner if it is not equipped with all-season unit, if the outside temperature is below 0 ° C …- 5 ° C) ® 

Global climate market



According to the latest research study the global sales volume of air conditioners will achieve 144 million by 2017. Experts have estimated there will be 18% increase of annual growth for the period up to 2015.

The growth of air conditioning industry will have the ever increasing demand for energy efficient heating, air conditioning and ventilations systems as well as the control systems.

An additional driving force stimulating the market in the next few years will be a growing segment of replacement, especially in the developed countries of Europe and the United States.

The increased focus on energy savings, demand for replacement of old air conditioning systems with new energy-efficient models will steadily increase, thus providing significant expansion of the market.

The Asia-Pacific region continues to be the largest market, whose growth is stimulated by factors such as an increase in the urban population, favorable labor markets and the resulting high overall levels of income and increasing income per family.

6 Golden Rules to follow before you Buy an Air Conditioner



Before deciding to purchase such a serious thing as air conditioning, we offer seven “golden” rules to avoid trouble and defect and buy best air conditioner that really need your family.

1. Never Rush

Before touch the stores or place order online, think well before how you want use your future air conditioner whether will be sufficient cool on a hot day, others require a comfortable environment at home at any time of year.

2. Don’t Look for Super Saved Low Prices

Some of us primarily looking for just looking and price based on the principle of “no matter” but the most expensive and beautiful. In today’s market there are large range of HVAC equipment conditioners are available to fulfill various functionality so price is never matter.

Saving is not in Finding the companies offering expensive equipment at super low prices (it might be a definite cheating!), Cheap air conditioning, you will spend significantly more of its cost to repair the failed prematurely technology. Unfortunately, it happens that it is not known where the product is no longer possible to repair.

But the choice of a company with many years of experience in the market and proven high quality and reliability of its products. In addition, at your disposal will be the best installers that are correctly and securely install your device without any haste

3. Avoid Mind Divert

Contract papers are always diverts our attention; and we did not even have time to notice of what exactly mentioned, Take your time, read all the items, be sure to check unclear. Take care that the documents were given all pre-approved periodic services in order to avoid premature failure of the air conditioner.

4. Know 100% of your product

Discuss with consultant on all the nuances of the model you like. Specify whether it is suitable to your room, which features besides the basic, carries, etc. The more you know about the purchased items, the easier it will make the right choice.

However, all the advice you need to receive only highly qualified professionals with a 100% product information.Trust only to professionals and do not be afraid to ask detailed sales consultants, thinking that distracts them.

5. Installation – Serious Matter

Installation of air conditioning is a set of fairly complex activities that require special skills and expensive tools. Rather than free make to install by special professional Of course, it will cost you a certain amount. But still at a lower cost, but their errors will cost you much more expensive than professional installation by trained installers.

Remember that a bad installation can cause serious damage, even very high-quality conditioner.

During the installation process, do not rush specialist, give them the time and opportunity to perform all necessary quality operation

6. Never Relay on Rumors

Sometimes it is just a pity the people who refuse to purchase much-needed family things like air conditioning, just because you have heard or read somewhere about the harms of the human body “instrument-killer.” Firstly, all such proposals must be justified and reasoned, but so far no confirmation of the fact no one and nowhere to be seen!