Tips for Long Life Operation of Air Conditioners


To summarize. For what would your air conditioner worked their full term it, on average, from 7 to 12 years depending on the class of the air conditioner, you need not so much:

  1. Clean filters internal unit at least once a month;
  2. If the air conditioner stopped at normal  function, it need to turn off air conditioning and seek for service;
  3. At least once every two years preferably once a year, in spring – just before the season to call service representative for maintenance work:
  4. check the system pressure and refilling Freon, complete check air conditioning in all modes to detect hidden faults
  5.  Cleaning indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit is purged with a stream of compressed air by the compressor for cleaning of lint and dust;
  6. Do not include air conditioner if it is not equipped with all-season unit, if the outside temperature is below 0 ° C …- 5 ° C) ® 

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