Black Friday Savings Tips! Save on Your HVAC Maintenance Process Delays

You have done your due diligence, had a walk through of the facility with your HVAC contractor, finalized schedules and responsibilities. Here are some tips on how property managers, facility managers and building owners can be proactive on the HVAC Maintenance, repair or service schedules and avoid waiting chargers, losing on their precious time and eventually have a smooth operational process.

1. Safe and Proper Building Access

Proper and safe access to the work area provided by the building user, including the temporary interruption of a security system (where applicable) should be cleared properly before your contractor can begin the scope of work.

2. For Outdoor/Roof-mounted units:

  • Designated safe access to the roof-top units, including the unlocking of respective access doors, ladders and hatches.
  • Designated safe method of waste or garbage removal from the roof to the waste bin.
  • Notify your operations accordingly about the service and possible temporary interruptions while the HVAC contractor is doing the preventative maintenance checks and simulations.

3. For Overhead Unit Heaters, and Process-Related Ventilators (Working At Heights)

  • Access to an operational scissor-lift at your facility. Working with ladders has been prone to accidents/incidents due to the limitations of the service technician to ensure 3-Point Contact while servicing overhead equipment – OHSA Clause 25(2); 27(1, 2); 28(1,2); OHSA Reg 213/91; Reg 851(73)
  • Safe access to the service work area. Facilitate the removal of materials that may affect or block the service work area.
  • Proper communication of the activities with your internal departments about the service being performed or scheduled. 

4. Proper and adequate Lockout/Tagout Provisions for individual equipment.

All Energy Sources like Electrical, Gas, Pneumatic, Hydraulic should have proper isolation/disconnect/lockout procedure performed prior to servicing particular equipment.