Sports Center and arenas HVAC Solutions

It's no secret that people relax with some food and drinks while watching in sports at sports center, Indoor venues like sports center must have aggressive focus on the HVAC systems design, because HVAC is vitally important and costly to introduce and wrong design or replacing of the systems will cost you very high.

Our systems providing friendly & safe environment

The sports center have to supply pure air at maximum comfort levels to huge amount of audience as well as the players, for this you needs a highly automated systems for continuous monitoring and adjusting the indoor air temperature.

By choosing Air Track Inc. we will analyze and draft a perfect preplan to integrate most reliable HVAC systems on your venue, our automation technology will guarantee to fit into existing systems and adaptable to other systems.

  • Fan Coils
  • PTAC
  • Pool Dehumidifiers and Heating

So, whether you need a small split system, large chiller & cooling tower or boiler plant, AIR TRACK INC can provide you with a customized solution. Give us a call – (905) 330 4056.