Industrial Chiller Water System

As result of raising of energy needs and cost, environmental concerns force to drive a global passion to explore new renewable energy forms of air cooling methods. The HVAC Industry also doing continuous research on improving the efficiency of the HVAC systems, as hvac contractor Air Track Inc. committed to provide the highest quality reliable and efficient hvac systems to our customers

Chilled water systems are operating different method from home air conditioning units, instead of using refrigerants, the chilled water pumped through the air handler to catch heat form the air that contains a fan and a cooling coil. The cooling coil is made of copper tubing bent into a serpentine shape with aluminum fins bonded to the copper tubing to increase the heat transfer area

Wy Choose us

  1. Continuous improvements to reduce operating costs
  2. By evaluating the interaction of components we optimize the systems for its maximum performance.
  3. Determine ways to exploit the strengths of each component to provide TRUE system optimization.

Our Services

  1. Chilled Waters Systems Installation
  2. Chilled Waters Systems Repair
  3. Chilled Waters Systems Service and maintenance

Who Needs Chilled Water Systems

Many industries, Fortune 500 Companies, Large building and campuses are showing passion to have the chilled water systems because of its energy saving and very low operational costs. Installation of these chilled water plants has a very large impact on building energy use.

So, whether you need a small split system, large chiller & cooling tower or boiler plant, AIR TRACK INC
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