Refrigiration and control systems

Refrigeration has become essential for every one’s life and had a large impact on industry, lifestyle, agriculture and settlement patterns and evolved from ice harvesting to temperature-controlled rail cars. Whatever Industry Air track Inc. can tailor the best refrigeration solutions for you. Since 1999 we have considerable experience in the engineering, design, installation and service of industrial, process cooling and refrigeration systems. We strive to offer a comprehensive range of cost effective refrigeration system suit a variety of different business needs.


  1. Cold Storage
  2. Freezing Systems
  3. Process Cooling


  1. Automatic controls for commercial and Industrial refrigeration
  2. Electronic controls for refrigeration
  3. Appliance controls
So, whether you need a small split system, large chiller & cooling tower or boiler plant, AIR TRACK INC
can provide you with a customized solution. Give us a call – (905) 330 4056.