Nest: Next Generation Thermostat for your Home

If you’d rather save your hard-earned money than spend it on rising monthly energy bills is a great way to save more, a programmable thermostat is a beneficial investment it Prevents unnecessary heat and cold when your out of home.


Thermostats can be easily adapted to your everyday schedule, unwanted heating / cooling wasted, which is not currently being used. You spend less energy, reduce your costs, reduces emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and fully enjoy the comforts of home.

Nets thermo stat have the capability handle most of the heating and cooling appliances in your home

Nest Learning Thermostats

Nest Labs, bring the level of design and functionality, which are mounted on the walls of a quarter of a billion US homes and offices and that control their internal temperature.

Nest thermostats automatically records the temperature level you adjust every time and automatically its start controlling your heat level in your home. Inbuilt sensors will humidity, temperature, light and movement and change the temperature whenever the climate changes.

The sensors of Nest will know that you are not home, if the sensors is not notice any movement for longer time, automatically adjust the temperature. If you install multiple thermostats, they will work independently, but at the same time interact with each other: so that if you enter the foyer, the thermostat upstairs will know that you are at home

Special designed app will allows you to control your from home anywhere. In case you’ve forgot to turn off nest thermostats automatically makes it for you. Through Wi-Fi nest will check the local weather condition from its server and adjust the system accordingly.

Features on Nest Thermostat

  1. Sunblock
  2. The Leaf
  3. Time-to-Temperature
  4. Airwave
  5. Auto-Tune
  6. Cool to Dry



Nest thermostats have well-crafted its design and very easy to install use with help of video tutorials. The system match feature from nests website will allows it to work with your existing system

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